SUEZ Announces Completion Of 3 UK Energy From Waste Plants

Waste management company, SUEZ, has announced the completion of four new energy from waste (EfW) plants. Three of which are in the UK.

The fourth is in Poland and, combined, boosts the group’s recovery capacity by an additional 1.2m tonnes of residual waste.

The UK plants are located in Wilton (near Newscastle), Severnside (near Bristol) and Cornwall.

In 2017, SUEZ will recover more than 9m tonnes of waste in 55 EfW plants in Europe, compared with 8.5m of tonnes recovered into energy in 2016.

Seven TWh of energy will be sold, which is the equivalent of the annual consumption of a city with 2m inhabitants, such as Vienna or Hamburg, and will avoid more than 1.5 m tonnes of CO2 emissions, SUEZ says.

Jean-Marc Boursier, Group Senior Executive VP in charge of Recycling & Recovery Europe at SUEZ, said: “Waste can become secondary raw materials. Waste that cannot be recycled is also an energy resource with three benefits as it is local, low-carbon and affordable for both local public authorities and industries.

“We are convinced of the growth potential for the Group in Europe and on international markets. Our ambition is to recover more than 10m tonnes of waste as sustainable energy by 2020”.

Pictures from top: Wilton, Severside, Cornwal.

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  1. A large part of this waste would be plastic materials which are made from oil—- burning plastics is like burning oil. The waste plastics in this case can be recovered and made into oil again with a new continuous 7 second pyrolysis method from Cassandra Oil and then made into new products. That also creates a circular economy. WTE plants should only incinerate waste than can’t be recycled in other ways. Turning waste into oil also decreases oil import from other countries.

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