Report Finds EfW Inputs Increased 18% In 2016

A new report has found that, in 2016, inputs into 41 UK EfWs increased by 18% to 9.96Mt when compared with 2015.   

Tolvik Consulting’s annual UK EfW Statistics report brings together data for 2016 on the UK Energy from Waste (EfW) sector from a range of sources into a single document.

The objective is that, over time, the report will become a consistent and reliable source of data on the EfW sector and of benefit to industry, investors, students and policymakers, Tolvik says.

The key statistics found that in December 2016, there were 37 operational EfWs in the UK (The report excludes EfW facilities in Jersey and the Isle of Man, cement kilns and facilities solely processing Waste Wood or other biomass wastes), with a further 4 in commissioning, providing a total Headline Capacity of 11.76Mtpa.

There was a further 4.08Mtpa of EfW capacity in construction. Based on an estimated average capital cost (in 2016 terms) of £750 per tonne of installed Headline Capacity, this is the equivalent to a £11.9bn investment in the sector.

In 2016, inputs into 41 UK EfWs increased by 18% to 9.96Mt when compared with 2015. 85% of these inputs were Local Authority Collected Waste and the remainder Commercial and Industrial Waste.

Based on facilities that are either operational or in construction, it is projected that inputs will have reached 14.7Mt.

During the year, the median gate fees for long term contracts for Residual C&I Waste rose to £70/t (from £62/t), whist median spot market prices to EfWs were significantly higher at around £92/t.

The Operational Capacity beyond 2020 will be dependent on whether additional EfW facilities are developed, the report says.

Recent trends suggest that the EfWs most likely to be developed will either be ACT facilities benefitting from subsidy support or larger scale EfWs based on conventional moving grate technologies.

Tolvik Consulting is a privately-owned specialist provider of independent market analysis and commercial advisory services across the waste and biomass sectors.

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