Q3 Packaging Data Suggests Strong Results

prn-data-472x314-1-472x314Provisional Q3 recycling data has been released this week, suggesting strong results across all materials.

More reprocessors and exporters have yet to report their data, but provisional results suggest all materials continues to be on track to reach annual recycling targets.

Plastic – 253,420 tonnes: 81% of target. Performance of plastic remains strong despite a slight drop compares to Q2 figures (266,646). There are still some plastic exporters to declare tonnages.

Paper – 931,268 tonnes: 108% of target. The UK has achieved its overall target, despite a slight drop in tonnage compared to Q2.

Aluminium – 21,724 tonnes: 82% of target. There has been a slight drop compared to last quarter (22,916) but we’re in a good position to hit the overall UK Aluminium recycling target.

Glass (Total) – 421,540 tonnes: 74% of target. Glass Other is behind target by 7% and has had reduced recycling rates when compared to Q2. However we look to be on track to hit the overall UK Glass recycling target.

Steel – 97,407 tonnes: 90% of target. In Q2 120,117 tonnes of Steel were recycled compared to 97,407 in Q3. Despite the reduced recycling for this quarter, we remain in a good position to meet the target.

Wood – 92,182 tonnes: 130% of target. Good rates of recycling in Q3 are similar to those in Q1 and Q2. The overall UK target has already been reached.

EfW – 187,831 tonnes: 102% of target. Slightly down compared to the last quarter (195,774), however targets have been met (including carry in).

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