Newcastle-Under-Lyme To Launch “Simplified” Waste Service

1758-Newcastle Borough CouncilNewcastle-under-Lyme will launch what it’s called a “simplified” waste service next month, which will see the Council replace its current bag system with a three-box system.

The new service will also see collections frequency for recycling increase to a weekly service.

It’s part of a package of service improvements which aims to make it easier for residents to recycle, boost recycling rates even further and save £500,000 a year in the process.

The colour-coded boxes stack on top of each other and will be collected every week by one vehicle – instead of every fortnight by two vehicles – with food waste from Monday, 4 July.

“We’re now in a great position to build further on the borough’s rising recycling record which has more than doubled over the past few years”

This system is already successful in areas of high recycling performance such as Chester West, Somerset, Bristol and most of Wales, the council says.

Wheeled bins for garden waste and non-recyclables will now be emptied on alternate weeks.

Other changes include bringing the recycling service in-house, buying a new vehicle fleet and selling materials directly to companies to generate more income.

Cllr. Ann Beech, Cabinet member for environment and recycling, said: “I’m really proud of the new service and welcome the many benefits it will provide, especially relating to greater income generation, increased recycling levels and improved job security for our workers.

“Residents have told us they don’t particularly like using the current bags so we’ve listened and opted for an easier system in the hope of recycling even more; research shows that we can generate up to 10 per cent more recycling if we operate weekly collections.

“Households will receive a better service – they will store recycling for less time and will no longer have to separate the different materials into so many different containers to maintain their high quality as more of this will now be done by operatives at the kerbside. Streets will also look tidier.

“We’re now in a great position to build further on the borough’s rising recycling record which has more than doubled over the past few years.

“Further improvements will help to create more flexibility to tweak the system while making the collection service one of the cheapest in Staffordshire.”

Biffa announced in April that it has secured a four-year food waste treatment contract with Newcastle-under-Lyme

From 4 July, specially designed vehicles will begin collecting segregated food waste from 55,000 residential properties across the Newcastle borough.

The food waste will then be treated at Biffa’s flagship anaerobic digestion (AD) facility in Cannock, one of the largest plants of its kind in Europe.

The Council currently collects 3,000 tonnes of food waste per year and hopes the new service will raise this to at least 3,500 tonnes.

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