MVO Subscription Qualification Offer Terms & Conditions

Municipal Vehicle Operator and Plant Review magazine (MVO) is published for The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) by CIWM Enterprises Ltd (CIWME).

MVO is available as a free controlled circulation annual subscription to selected UK professionals who are non members of CIWM only where they have:

  • Submitted an application with a fully completed MVO free subscription qualification form.
  • Qualify based on MVO free subscription qualification criteria (see below).
  • Agree to these terms and conditions.
  • The application has been approved by CIWME.

CIWME have total discretion in the approval of free subscription applications and do not need to give any reason for refusing an application.

CIWME reserve the right to change the qualification criteria at any time, cease to supply any subscription for any reason and to not approve any application for any reason.

Anyone who does not qualify for a free subscription can subscribe to a printed version by paying the full subscription rate. Details of which are available by contacting Vickie Galer (
MVO is posted free to members of CIWM and no applications from members will be approved.

CIWME accepts no liability for any loss or damage in relation to MVO or free controlled circulation subscriptions including any delivery problem.

From time to time CIWME will ask recipients of free MVO subscriptions to update their details. At that point qualification to continue to receive free copies will be reviewed. Failure to update details within 14 days of request will mean the subscription will cease immediately.

Only one free subscription will be posted to any one recipient or address.

Your data will only be used as defined in our privacy policy.

MVO free subscription qualification criteria

  • To qualify for a free controlled circulation subscription to MVO any individual must qualify with the following criteria and have their application approved by CIWM Enterprises Ltd.
  • The person to whom the subscription is addressed works in resources and waste management and is responsible for final decisions relating to the specification and purchase of relevant vehicles and plant.
  • The subscription is sent to a workplace address that is an organisation in the UK related to the resources and waste management sector.
  • Be a non-member of CIWM who is currently not receiving MVO.

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