Misclassification Guide

Misclassification of waste is common not only amongst waste producers, but also amongst waste receivers, carriers, brokers, laboratories and consultancies. CIWM and ESA have therefore teamed up to publish this guide. Produced by The Waste Classification Group – made up of industry experts nominated by the ESA and by CIWM, along with officials from the Environment Agency – it is now available free of charge.

Some of the most common errors and misconceptions are detailed in this pull-out guide, along with details of the correct actions to take, but this is just an introduction to the issues surrounding the misclassification and coding of waste.

CIWM and ESA also offer a one-day training course, based on guidance developed by all four UK waste regulators. If you deal with hazardous wastes and need to ensure you are classifying them correctly and assigning the appropriate codes, this is the perfect course for you. Further details and the latest dates available for this course are available by clicking the image below.

But in the meantime, please download the “Guide To The Misclassification Of Waste & How You Can Avoid It” by clicking the thumbnail.