More Materials “Widely Recycled” Under New OPRL Rules 

OPRL’s new 2017 Guidelines have designated more packaging materials as Widely Recycled, following a detailed review of current local authority collections.  

This means more packaging can automatically be added to kerbside recycling collections by householders, without the need to check local advice.
The major changes are:

  • Aluminium foils no longer need to be taken to bring sites, but can be Widely Recycled in home collections;
  • Certain clear and non-black opaque plastic pots, tubs and trays (PTT) can be Widely Recycled in home collections.

Beverage cartons are now collected at kerbside by the majority of local authorities, but haven’t quite made the 75 percent threshold needed to achieve Widely Recycled status under the scheme.

The special beverage carton label – Widely Recycled at Recycling Points: Check Locally Kerbside – still applies, with a re-designed label to increase the impact of the message.

Labelling for films has been simplified so that PE films carry the specialist label Recycle With Bags at Larger Stores: Check Locally Kerbside, while all other films are designated Not Yet Recycled.

Since the categories are based on council collections data, black plastic trays, including ready meal trays, remain in the Check Locally category.

And in a first step to differentiate between materials that are collected and recycled, and those that are collected and may be sent for energy recovery or other disposal, these are now included on a “Less recyclable materials” list in the Guidelines, together with expanded and other plastics, mixed materials and bio-degradables.

In contrast, materials such as glass, metals, paper, card, non-black PP, clear uncoloured aPET/rPET and non-black HDPE are listed as “Recommended materials”, based on analysis of their likelihood of being recycled.

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