Government Seeking Views On 2017 WEEE Compliance Fee

The Government is seeking views on whether it should set a compliance fee for 2017. It also wants views on two proposals for managing this year’s fee. 

The Government is asking stakeholders whether there should be a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) compliance fee set for 2017, and also thoughts on the two proposals it has received for how the fee should be managed in 2017.

The use of a compliance fee and how it is administered is agreed annually. Companies that don’t meet their annual collection targets can comply with the 2013 WEEE Regulations by paying the compliance fee instead.

The UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013 establish a system in which producers of equipment are required to finance the cost of collection, treatment, recovery and recycling of WEEE arising from private households.

The regulations establish a system of annual collection targets that are imposed on Producer Compliance Schemes (PCSs).

The Secretary of State has discretionary powers to approve a compliance fee methodology as an alternative form of compliance payable by PCSs that fail to achieve their collection target.

This consultation contains two proposals from external organisations for a compliance fee methodology and administrator for 2017.

Comments are invited on whether the Secretary of State should set a compliance fee for 2017 and if so the extent to which each of the proposals meet the published evaluation criteria.

This consultation will close on Wednesday 01 December 2017.

Any compliance fee methodology and compliance fee scheme operator approved by the Secretary of State will be announced by mid-February 2018.

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