Government Consults On Charging Illegal Sites Landfill Tax

HM Revenues and Customs has launched a consultation on whether to bring illegal waste sites within the scope of Landfill Tax.

The consultation sets out the reasons for extending the scope of Landfill Tax to material disposed of at illegal waste sites and considers:

  • how to define an illegal waste site
  • the criteria for determining a taxable disposal
  • the persons liable for the tax
  • how to quantify the amount of tax due
  • the Scottish and Welsh governments approach to illegal waste sites

The government says it is keen to seek views from a wide range of stakeholders to establish clear evidence-based rationale for its decisions.

“We would particularly like to hear from individuals and organisations that may be indirectly or directly affected by illegal waste sites in England and Northern Ireland or have a particular interest in Landfill Tax,” it said.

If the government pursues this policy, the earliest any changes would come into force is 1 April 2018.

The consultation is open until 5 May 2017 and follows the announcement in the Spring Budget that government intended to consult on whether to bring illegal waste sites within the scope of Landfill Tax.

For the consultation CLICK HERE

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  1. Being a simply chap, I thought the EA and SEPA already knew what constituted an illegal site, and if so why are HMRC not asking them?
    And doesn’t charging landfill tax dumped in illegal sites not infer some validity for the exercise?
    If HMRC are so strapped for cash why not lobby for tax to be levied after an individual is convicted of running an illegal site (on top of any fines levied)? It might deter some culprits.
    I can see the argument that using illegal sites offers cheaper disposal costs for the desperados, but maybe we should be thinking more about dealing with those waste producers who don’t look too closely into where their waste ends up?

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