DS Smith Invests £4 Million In Recycling Facilities

DS Smith is investing £4m in its South West of England and East London recycling facilities to increase coverage and manage material quality.

The sites in East London and the South West of England are currently going through the planning process. The East London facility is moving to share a site with the company’s mill in Maidstone. This will allow DS Smith to continue servicing the London area as well as increasing coverage throughout the South East.

Mathew Prosser, DS Smith Recycling UK Managing Director, said: “This investment will improve our ability to manage material directly into the mill at Maidstone, due to its close proximity.”

The West London facility will remain unaffected and will continue to also serve London and the surrounding area. In the South West of England the recycling facility is being moved from Keynsham to Avonmouth.

Mathew Prosser said: “The Avonmouth site is a perfect logistics hub that will give us scope for improved recycling operations as well as providing better access to serve our customer base throughout Wales and the South, including key commercial areas of Cardiff, Bristol, Swindon and Gloucester.

“Changes to both facilities will increase our ability to reach more customers and process more tonnes.”

Mathew Prosser, DS Smith MD

DS Smith collects and manages well in excess of 2 million tonnes of fibre within the UK, with most supplied directly into its paper mill in Kemsley. The investment will allow DS Smith to process not just fibre but plastics and other materials as well as non-recyclables. The rise of home shopping and other consumer habits are starting to shift recycling logistics as more types of card, usually found in retail waste streams, are found in municipal streams, so adaption is required.

Mathew Prosser said: “We have been sending a clear message to local authorities that we have an appetite for their paper and card recycling streams, particularly when it is of the right quality.

“The quality of our fibre is key to our operations and we have two sets of customers to manage; ‘supply’ customers who we source our paper and card from and ‘mill’

customers with whom we need to supply recycled fibres for reprocessing. We work with our supply customers to help them produce quality materials for recycling which also helps them realise operational efficiencies and better material values. Supplying good quality recycling into our mill customer’s makes their production operations run more efficiently and reduces rejects through contamination.

“Controlling the fibre streams is crucial to our closed loop recycling and packaging


But it is also about keeping the process simple for customers, sometimes difficult in the complex world of recycling and waste management.

Mat Prosser added: “We work with our customers to keep it simple while achieving some ambitious recycling and wider sustainability goals. Our ethos is certainly simple: zero waste, working with our customers at the very top of the waste hierarchy and generating the highest quality of recycling so none is lost to waste to energy or landfill.”

It is planned for the improved facilities to be fully operational by spring 2017.

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