Copeland Recycle Sites Suspend Cardboard Recycling

cardboard-recycling-contaminationCopeland Borough Council has suspended cardboard recycling at its recycling sites after contamination rendered the stream unrecyclable. 

The council last month appealed for the public to be extra vigilant when visiting recycling centres after a large quantity of meat was found dumped in a cardboard recycling unit in Whitehaven.

Despite this meat was again found in another cardboard container at a different site, as well as a significant amount of general household and trade waste.

Copeland Borough Council – “Due to the quantities of meat found dumped, our Enforcement team are now carrying out trade waste document checks in the problem areas”

The council says that until it can find ways to stop individuals abusing the facility it has no choice but to suspend the service.

Janice Carrol, Waste & Enforcement Manager Copeland Borough Council said it is a minority of people who are causing the service to be disrupted for the majority of responsible residents.

“Due to the quantities of meat found dumped, our Enforcement team are now carrying out trade waste document checks in the problem areas,” she said. “Our Environmental Health teams who visit food premises will also be checking how businesses dispose of their business waste.

“We are also looking at ways of adapting the cardboard banks, which have larger apertures than the banks for other recyclables. However, we want everyone to use these service responsibly.

“Any cardboard left at the recycling centres while the service is suspended will be treated as fly tipping and appropriate action will be taken.

“We are aiming to gradually reintroduce the service by Christmas and in the meantime we ask residents, if possible to store their cardboard for recycling until then. If this is not convenient, cardboard recycling is available at the Cumbria County Council household waste recycling centres.”


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  1. It costs relatively little to seek advice on how to dispose of your waste legally compared to the massive fines and possible prison sentence when caught.Also looks good to customers and prospective clients that you care about your environmental impact. I have suffered this issue with collections and we eventually caught the culprit by finding an goods received note/invoice in the waste. They had attempted to change sites thinking it would hide the systematic dumping of the waste. Storing the cardboard is not really an option as at this time of year people are already ordering goods which are packed in cardboard. The cardboard may end up in household refuse bins and cause issues with those collections due to the bulk by blocking the equipment, sticking in the bins and them having to tip off more that usual this would be very costly at a time where budgets are being cut.The public need to help as this minority will ruin all the good work of the majority and may end up costing them in council tax.

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