CIWM Adds Its Voice To The Circular Economy Debate

Steve Lee

Steve Lee

CIWM is adding its voice to the circular economy debate at this year’s RWM in partnership with CIWM 2014.

Speaking in the CEO Panel session in the Circular Economy Connect theatre on Wednesday 17th September, chief executive Steve Lee will be outlining what CIWM believes are some of the opportunities and challenges ahead and stressing the importance of engaging with the circular economy agenda now.

“The circular economy is a long term vision but the time to engage is now. Our latest research project, which will be published next month by CIWM’s incoming president John Quinn, shows that we have a way to go to fully understand how our sector can best engage with this agenda. However, anyone who is not looking at it closely, exploring how to add value, and seeking to make new connections and relationships will ultimately be left behind.

“CIWM will be using the recommendations from the research to shape the institution’s role as a catalyst for change and to explore how it can support its members and the sector to respond to the circular economy challenge.”

The CEO panel session also provides a perfect backdrop to the ‘Ever-decreasing circles: Closing in on the Circular Economy’ report launched last week by the RWM Ambassadors, of which Mr Lee is a member.

“The RWM Ambassadors have produced a welcome think piece that should stimulate discussion and help us formulate a clearer roadmap towards a more circular economy,” he says. “It forces us to be honest, to confront some awkward questions, and to debate the possible solutions. Nobody will be left unprovoked by one aspect or another of the report – and therein lies its value.”

Some of the key questions and solutions contained in the report will be debated in an RWM Ambassadors panel session in Circular Economy Connect theatre on Thurs 18th September.

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