Anglesey Council Under Fire Over Nappy Recycling “Proof”

nappy-recyclingAnglesey Council has been criticised by residents for asking to see birth certificates as proof that they require a nappy recycling service.

The council is set to roll out a new recycling service in October, which will enable residents to benefit from a wider range of materials eligible for recycling.

A fortnightly nappy collection will be provided, but only to families with children up to three years old.

According to reports in the Daily Post, waste management teams have “evidence that most children are potty trained between ages of two and three”, and will require proof of the child’s age.

“Requesting a copy of a child’s birth certificate will allow us to monitor the number of children benefiting from the service and their respective ages”

However, families who will be affected by the changes say the rules do not take account of different rates of child development, or that some disabled children may still need nappies beyond a certain age.

Anglesey Council spokesman said: “Evidence collated by our Waste Management Team suggests that most children are potty trained between the ages of two and three.

“It has therefore been agreed to offer this service up until a child’s third birthday.

“Requesting a copy of a child’s birth certificate will allow us to monitor the number of children benefiting from the service and their respective ages.

“It should be noted that this service will only be provided to the home address of the child and does not extend to any nursery, crèche or child minding service they may attend.

“There is another service which is readily available for individuals who are unwell or have medical needs called the Offensive Non-infectious Household Waste Collection. This service is available upon request from the relevant health care provider, via a prescribed application form.”

The council has organised drop in sessions to explain the changes.

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  1. Disposable nappies have a lot to answer for. Until the 70s the amount of work involved for parents in laundering traditional nappies was an incentive to get toddlers potty-trained as soon as possible. But the disposable nappy has meant some schools taking in 4-5 year olds that are still in nappies.
    Maybe the parents offended by this council decision don’t want to be identified!

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