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Who Are Our Members?

Our members come from 3 main sectors:

  • private sector (48.5%)
  • public sector (36.5%)
  • third sector (15%)

They are the people that make the purchasing decisions:

  • 29% influence the decision*
  • 24% specify the products and services required*
  • 22% make the final decision*

Half of CIWM’s members are senior in their organisation:

  • 36% are managers
  • 15% are directors

So Why Advertise?

  • CIWM is the leading monthly magazine for the industry
  • 91% of readers rated it as excellent in our latest survey
  • 8 out of every 10 recipients of MVO magazine rated it as good, very good or excellent too
  • Reach 18,000 readers every month… over 13,000 with purchasing power*
  • Associate your organisation with the industry’s leading professional body
  • Support your industry – all income goes back into research, consultations and developing our training courses and seminars
  • CIWM is still the favoured publication for those looking for new jobs

*data is taken from the CIWM Reader Survey 2012

Why Advertise On This Website?

  • Introduced in June 2013
  • Carries daily news and opinion
  • Interactive: take surveys & post comments
  • 5 advertising zones that appear on EVERY PAGE
  • Video and audio advertising is supported


Advertise on this website from £315 per month

Full page advert in MVO or CIWM: from £1045

Half page advert in MVO or CIWM: from £675

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