5p Plastic Bag Charge To Be Extended To Small Shops

The 5p levy on single-use plastic carrier bags is set to be extended to include all shops across England, according to reports by BBC News.

Shops with fewer than 250 employees are currently exempt from the charge, which was introduced in England in October 2015.

At the time, it was stated small and medium-sized businesses will be exempt from the charge to “avoid imposing burdens on start-up and growing businesses in England at a time when the Government is supporting new growth in our economy”.

The 5p charge in England has contributed to a reduction of nearly 90% in their use, the government says. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland also introduced charges and have seen significant drops in usage.

The initiative was aimed at reducing litter, with bags being one of the most highly visible forms of litter on our streets, roads, hedges, parks, trees, beaches and, ultimately, in our oceans, all with potentially devastating effects, according to Keep Britain Tidy.

According to reports by the BBC, the move to extend the charge is expected to come as part of the government’s highly-anticipated 25-year environment plan, which is expected to be published this week.

The plan is expected to take a stand against the “profligate” use of natural resources. The news follows the implementation of a UK-wide microbead ban, which came into effect yesterday (9 Jan) in order to help reduce the amount of micro plastics making their way into the world’s oceans.

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  1. 9 billion fewer bags being used.What if we hadn’t used them in the first place, then there would be far less scale of ecological problems including plastics in the oceans, which doesn’t degrade and is a semi permanent issue.
    Being a recycled fashion business, we at Blue17 vintage have been serving our customers with reused carrier bags for over twenty years.We have people coming to us to donate their used carrier bags.
    What’s wrong with a return to paper carriers, like we used to have in the UK at grocers shops, at least the are bio degradable.

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